Many Chinese massage parlors in Rome have been closed down

As long as you type in a few words on the search engine, such as “Chinese massage, prostitution”, there will be dozens of pages of news reports in an instant. The reports are all about confiscation, arrests, and store closures. From north to south, Italian police have taken dozens of actions, from Milan and Turin to Rome and Naples.

For example, via Pannini is a real street in Rome. There used to be a massage center in the street, and now it has been shut down by the municipal police. A neighbor nearby said it had been sealed until recently. In the past decade, these massage centers have sprung up in an endless stream. Under the cover of these massage centers, they are actually red light district activities.

From the outside of the massage parlor to the inside layout, we can know that people can do body and nail enhancement in these massage parlors, but in fact? It’s like a brothel. And via dadanelli, a massage center closed by police, where girls have been forced to prostitution in unhygienic conditions from morning to night. It’s not just abetting the exploitation of prostitution, it’s more serious in some cases. It could be a crime, or enslaving prostitutes. According to the residents around, there are different people in and out of consumption in each time period. From morning to afternoon, there are different young and old people.

This is a market worth millions every year. It is a criminal market organized and managed by Italian or Oriental people. 上海按摩服务